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Professional Lawn and Landscape
Design In New Jersey

David’s Lawn and Landscape Design in Manalapan delivers beautiful designs, high-quality landscaping solutions, and affordable prices

Landscape & Hardscape Design Services
In New Jersey

At David’s Lawn & Landscape Design, we offer top-notch landscape design services in NJ that are tailored to your preferences. Our professional landscapers in New Jersey have the equipment to get your landscaping projects done right and will help you through each step of the process to ensure you get the look you want. As a local landscaper near you, we take pride in creating custom landscape designs that stand out in your community. We have experience with a variety of materials so we can help you make your landscaping dreams come true. Our mission at David’s Lawn & Landscape Design is to create Magnificent Landscapes at Affordable Prices. 


What We Do Best

Our Lawn Care Services

We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing you
with the highest quality services for your lawn and garden. Our focus is on ensuring the utmost quality in lawn design and maintenance.

Landscape Services near me

Landscape Design

In NJ’s landscape design realm, we select the finest materials and carefully install all your desired elements, from lush trees and blooming flowers to attractive hardscaping accents.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Hardscape Design

With endless options for material styles and colors available for hardscape design in New Jersey, we are here to assist you in choosing what compliments your home and tailors to your style.

Landscapers near me

Landscape Maintenance

Let us handle your landscape maintenance needs so you can have peace of mind and a beautiful outdoor space for years to come.

House Lighting services

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of landscaping design that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space while adding safety and security.

Landscaping services NJ

Tick and Mosquito Treatment

Our team of professionals uses the latest products and techniques to effectively control the growth and spread of ticks and mosquitoes in your outdoor space.

Hardscape Restoration

David’s Lawn & Landscape Design specializes in hardscape restoration, bringing new life to outdoor living spaces with their expert skills and attention to detail.

Hardscape services

Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Features

Our team works closely with clients to design and build custom outdoor kitchens that include all the necessary appliances, such as grills, refrigerators, and sinks.

Lawn Restoration

Lawn Restoration services offered by David’s Lawn & Landscape Design are designed to bring life back to your lawn. Our team of experts will assess the condition of your lawn, identify the cause of the problem, and implement a tailored solution to revive it.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience With a Thoughtful Landscape Design

David’s Lawn and Landscape Design is your go-to company for top-notch lawn and landscape design services in Manalapan, NJ. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, especially landscape designers in NJ, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces that will leave you in awe. From meticulously manicured lawns to captivating custom landscaping designs, we have the expertise to transform your property into a true oasis.

One of the key elements we incorporate into our designs is outdoor lighting. Our team understands the importance of well-placed lights outdoor, as they not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also provide functional benefits. Whether you’re looking to illuminate a walkway, highlight architectural features, or create a cozy ambiance in your backyard, our landscape lighting solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

At Davids Lawn and Landscape Design, we take pride in our meticulous approach to landscape lighting. Our experts strategically position lights outdoor to accentuate the beauty of your outdoor space. Whether it’s path lights guiding your way through the garden or uplights casting a gentle glow on trees and shrubs, we know how to create captivating lighting effects that will make your property stand out, day or night.

With our comprehensive lawn and landscape design services, we not only focus on the aesthetics but also prioritize functionality. Our team takes into account the layout of your property, the natural elements, and your personal preferences to create a design that seamlessly blends beauty and practicality. We understand that a well-designed landscape is an extension of your home, and we strive to create outdoor spaces that reflect your style and personality.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing landscape or starting from scratch, Davids Lawn and Landscape Design is here to turn your vision into reality. Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with you, offering expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. From conceptualization to installation, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Don’t wait any longer to transform your outdoor space. Contact Davids Lawn and Landscape Design today and let us create a breathtaking landscape that will make your neighbors envious. With our unrivaled expertise in lawn and landscape design, along with our focus on lights outdoor and landscape lighting, we guarantee to elevate your property’s curb appeal and create an outdoor sanctuary you can enjoy for years to come.

What Are Customers Saying?

Based on 77 reviews
John A
John A
Tyler is great and the crews are awesome and professional thanks for the speedy reply and fix great job again
Alma Howell
Alma Howell
My husband and I were so grateful to David's Lawn and the team for transforming the front of our house! We were very appreciative of the service and thrilled with the final project! Amazing landscaping company in Manalapan.
Walter Martin
Walter Martin
The dynamic David's Lawn and Landscaping Design came through. I needed a badly neglected yard redesigned, they worked with me on the design implemented the vision. It looks 1000% better and I will definitely use them again and highly recommend!
Latoya Murphy
Latoya Murphy
We have been customers of David's Landscaping for over 4 years now. Besides the amazing job the team does on maintaining our lawn, we have now completed 3 different projects with them: * Planting trees around the house. * Complete redesign of our flower beds and plating a new Japanese plum tree. * Yearly flower planting. On every occasion, the team continue to amaze us with the quality, the level of attention and detail, professionalism and customer care.
Joanne Marshall
Joanne Marshall
From the second we called for an appointment, David's lawn and the team have been great. Currently we use them for their lawn care maintenance and landscaping services but we look forward to using them whenever we can. Great landscaping company! Great service! Competitive pricing! What more could you ask for. Thanks guys!
Alex J
Alex J
Our front lawn was in very bad shape because it has a pretty significant slope and soil eroded over 2+ decades. Initially we just wanted to rejuvenate the lawn but as we spoke to Tyler, the company rep, we realized that our front landscaping out to be redone at the same time. We're so glad we listened to him. It came out great, we now have as beautiful a lawn and landscaping as anyone in the neighborhood. Mike and his crew were a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend this company.
Scott Evan
Scott Evan
David’s Landscaping did an amazing job. From the time we discussed plans and picked out flowers to the end of the job. The crew arrived and we’re extremely considerate as they cleaned up along the way and explained everything being done. We couldn’t be happier with the final results!
Judy Silletti
Judy Silletti
Just had a fabulous landscape renovation completed, as well as power washing and resanding of our patio and porch pavers. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Tyler was exceptionally helpful in the selection of materials, as well as the overall redesign. He was very pleasant and professional to work with, as was the crew that did the work. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any and all of your outdoor needs.
Richard Toro
Richard Toro
From the first phone call and from the follow up on the job, David, his office staff and the crew where the best! David was very helpful and understanding of our needs and vison. He never tried to upsell or push our budget (as other's did). I can honestly say, I would never do business with anyone other than Davids. Professional, Friendly, responsive! If the crew said we will see you at 8am, they showed up at 8am! they worked all day and made sure to clean up and keep us informed.
William Ricks
William Ricks
David likes happy customers

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